Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are doing good and we welcome you to another weekly update. This weekly update will be nice and short.

Marketplace is still uncertain. We are waiting on them to let us know if we're denied or have been accepted, but we hope its the latter! We are still doing a whole bunch of things to prepare and be ready for when the news finally comes!

Content creation: It's been going pretty smoothly. We have been busy, busy, busy on creating different content creation for everyone to enjoy. I think we have a few maps that people we definitely enjoy playing when they officially get released! 

Recruitment: We're still recruiting builders and skin creators. If you're an interested person who wants to join the team. Head on over to the Apply Section of our website and submit an application! We hope you can join us.

That's it for this weekly update. Pretty short and to the point. I hope you enjoyed reading and are having a fantastic day.