Welcome back to another semi-weekly update! We have two things to discuss! Firstly, we are still accepting people into the build team for Minecadia. Spaces are filling up quickly and we are almost out of room! So, head over to the Apply section and apply for the build team, if interested! Secondly, we want to discuss what we've been doing over the last few months. We're still waiting to hear from Microsoft but we have been moving along in the Minecraft Marketplace application. But, that hasn't stopped us from making any content yet!

We currently have started working on another project for the Marketplace and it is almost complete! We also have been working diligently over the last several weeks to wrap up our first OFFICIAL map created specifically for the marketplace when we get there! The map is a vanilla pure survival Minecraft Island spawn for players to enjoy in Let’s Plays, Role Plays or as a Challenge Map! The landscape is a deserted island with beaches, fallen trees & you! Can you survive the mysterious island? And our second map is being built, specifically, tailored to the Minecraft Marketplace! We can’t reveal the name yet, but we can tell you that it is a spooky spawn map of EPIC proportions. A mysterious fortress lurking among mountainous terrain shrouded in haunting mystery this map is versatile, beautiful & built completely in the Better Together Update which means it will perform flawlessly on platforms wherever Minecraft (Bedrock Edition) is available! Play with your friends on Mobile, Xbox, Windows 10 & Nintendo Switch when it becomes available!  

This weeks update is short because we're extremely busy! We are working on multiple different marketplace creations, getting MineCadiaSMP up and running, and updating the website! If you want to see a sneek peek of the "island" world. Tweet us over on Twitter @MinecadiaSMP. We can’t wait to complete this map so you can explore it for yourself! Have a nice day and see you in the Marketplace!!