Welcome back to another weekly update! We have two things to discuss! Firstly, we are still accepting people into the build team for Minecadia. Spaces are filling up quickly! So, head over to the Apply section and apply for the build team, if interested! Secondly, Minecraft spoke, and we're listening! This week we asked the folks over at Minecraft some questions about what was announced at #E32017. Below is everything you need to know about the "Better Together Update". 

Image showing the difference between graphics with the Super Duper Graphics Pack!

Image showing the difference between graphics with the Super Duper Graphics Pack!

This year, Minecraft announced the "Better Together Update" coming to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and finally the MCPE/Win10 later this summer. This update is to unify these systems together as a fun and interactive way for everyone to play Minecraft. It brings in-game multiplayer servers, a graphical update to the game, and cross-platform support! It seriously is going to be awesome! However, if you were one of many left confused by the news, don't worry... we'll break it down for you. We have looked at the biggest community questions about what this entails and have asked the kind folks over at Minecraft for some answers. Check out our compiled list of emailed questions and answers from Minecraft as well as what they have spoken about it via social media! 


  • The new version available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One is replacing the old version of the game. What is happening to the old version?  Will it continue to be updated by 4JStudios. 

We’re still working on the logistics of how the transition will work, but the important thing is that worlds and saves will come along with players to the new version, so they will still be able to access the things that they have. 

  • Current DLC is being transferred to the new version of the game. (Example: Chinese Mash Up Pack bought on xbox one, transferred to the new game). Will it be available on all platforms or just the platform you bought it on? I know that future DLC you buy is available on all platforms. 

Our goal is to get all of the existing DLC content to be transferable from the old version to the new version. For DLC pieces that are currently out on the old console version and Bedrock, like the Skyrim Mash-Up Pack, those entitlements will be available on the new version. Beyond that, we will have more details about that as we get closer to launch.

  • Will 4JStudios be helping with the new version of the game in any way or will it just be Microsoft/Mojang? 

4J is a valued partner, and they will continue to be a part of the Minecraft ecosystem.

  • When a new update comes out, will it roll out simultaneously across platforms or a delay between them? 


  • Are talks for Playstation getting the new version still in talks?

While we are thrilled to be able to confirm the new version of Minecraft is coming to Nintendo Switch, we are still in discussions with Sony about PlayStation and have nothing to confirm. We would love to work with Sony to bring players on PlayStation 4 into our united ecosystem.

Another image showing the Super Duper Graphics Pack!

Another image showing the Super Duper Graphics Pack!

From Social Media

  • What will the Super Duper Graphics Pack do?                                                                           

The Super Duper Graphics Pack gives you a special HD graphics pack that looks great on 4K and takes full advantage of devices that can support the entirety of the new advanced graphics options.

  • Will the Super Duper Graphics Pack be free?                                                                             

The Super Duper Graphic Pack will be paid DLC while being free on the Xbox One X.

  • So, items like Stained Glass come to other platforms now?                                                       

Yes, stained glass is coming! We've been trying to get it in since 1.0.

  • Will realms support more than 10 players?                                                                               

Realms still only supports 10 players concurrent but you can invite up to 2000 people to your Realm

  • How will custom skins work on console?                                                                                        

We are still working on the exact steps of getting custom skins on console. We'll show you in a live-stream in the future when we get closer to release.

  • How will exclusive Skin/Texture/Mashup packs work, like Mario?                                            

Some exclusive skins/textures/etc. will not be available on other devices, sadly.                     

  • What will happen to the current "versions" of Minecraft?                                                              

So, the old Xbox One version will still be able to be played if you own it but you won't be able to buy it anymore after the Better Together Update. If you buy a disc in the store, it will prompt you to update. But you can always choose not to do so too - The choice is yours!

  • Will split-screen be available in the new version?                                                                          

Yes! It will have split screen.

  • Do you need to have xbox live gold to play the new version?                                                    

As we already do on iOS, Android, Gear VR etc, cross-play on Switch will not require an Xbox Live gold subscription to use.

  • Any plans on console minigames for the Bedrock Engine?                                                             

There are dozens of mini games on the servers so console mini games aren't needed. Can still be played in the old version!

  • Will every version have the 4k update as well?                                                                         

Every Bedrock Engine version will have the capability to do it and get the shaders. Just depends on the hardware as to what can display.

 And there we have it... a ton of awesome things are coming in the new update! Once the "Better Together Update" launches, players will receive Shader DLC, graphic enhancements up to 4K resolution, and cross-play functionality. This version coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One will be replacing the old version of the game. Be prepared for some amazing fun later this summer in Minecraft!

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