Welcome back to another weekly update!  This week we are releasing a Halloween themed Skin Pack. It's just a minor skin pack that we hope you will enjoy! Below is a picture from Wednesday's tease: 

A minor hiccup happened however so you'll have to wait till we have a .mcpack download for you to access all the skins. For now, you will be able to download the folder we have! We're sorry for the inconvenience but you still have the pack! Download HERE!

The Skin Pack has eight skins in total for people to use! It has the following skins, A Evil Queen, Frankenstein, Frankenstein's Bride, A Mummy, A Skeleton,the Grim Reaper, A Vampire, and A Zombie Girl! That's it. We have more skins that we to be announced for a different skin pack but for now enjoy this skins!

Download HERE!

We hope you had a great week! We are still working on some great projects that I think you guys will enjoy. We are still waiting on hearing back from the Marketplace if we will get in but hopefully we do and it's soon! Until next time, have a great weekend and we'll see you all next week!