Hello Everyone,

Welcome back everyone to another Weekly Update! This Friday has some good news to be said! We also hope that you are having a amazing and fantastic Friday!  Nonetheless, let's begin!

We have a no new members to announce this week sadly! Don't worry, this isn't the last of the members we're accepting! Although, it is getting pretty close before we close applications for a while! Be sure to check out the Apply Section of the website if you're interested in joining, or let your friends know if they may want to join!

Secondly, a new mini game was announced for Minecraft! It's called Battle! It's basically a toned down version of PC Minecraft's Hunger Games. It looks pretty sick and the Minecadia crew will definitely be playing some games! We will be recording a few of them and uploading them! You might even see us in your game! ;)

Next up: Minecadia has had some awesome builds being built!  So check them out on their respective channels. A little birdie told me ImMiraclez has a great house.  They will be hitting the Gallery section for all to see very soon! We also had our second Weekly Vote occur! So make sure to check out our Twitter: @MinecadiaSMP to be able to vote for the VotW every week! The second winner*drum roll please*

BlackieChanXBL! His episode was pretty awesome and funny!


Lastly, we have no other announcements at the time. However, next week will contain more information on the challenges! Hopefully, you enjoyed this week's update! Also, thank you all for the suggestions that you give and tweets that we receive almost everyday. It's great to see all the support that we have been getting. Be sure to keep them coming as we enjoy them here at MineCadia! And voila! That's the end of our nineth update!

If you have any concerns or questions, be sure to submit them via the contact page! Once again, I wanted to thank all of you for your continued support for the server! <3

-MinecadiaSMP Crew